How To Split Test Facebook Ads

What is a split test? A split test is a method of comparing two or more variations of an ad. Split testing can be used to compare results between subject lines or message content of the ads. Listen to this informative audio to learn more about split testing.

Facebook Ad Rules For Music Creators

Important Facebook ad rules that can make or break your ad This audio provides details on important Facebook ad rules that music creators should pay attention to for Facebook ad approval. The Anatomy of a Facebook ad is covered at 11: 07.

4 Tips To Make Photos Go Viral On Instagram

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2 Instagram Posting Strategies

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How Many Words Make 1000 Instagram Images?

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Grow Your Instagram Following: Step By Step Guide

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40 Keywords And Phrases That Sell Music

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5 Key Strategies To Grow Your Instagram Following

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Positive Personal Experiences With Distrokid Music Distribution Company

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