Grow Your Instagram Following: Step By Step Guide

Grow your Instagram following step by step guide tutorial This audio tutorial is a step-by-step guide that shows you how to grow your Instagram following. Getting Followers on Instagram Is the Key to Success Step 1 – Follow account holders and their followers Following other people is a great strategy Read More

Split Sheet Meaning In Music

What is a split sheet or publishing split? A split sheet is an important legal document for songwriters (of either lyrics and music composition). Split sheets identify the songwriters and percentage of the song that was written by each person. A split sheet should be created for each song. Other Read More

Cover Song Licensing 101

Cover Song meaning Cover song licensing is a guideline for the usage, reproduction, and distribution of songs owned by another entity. We’ve also included resources to help you to make the best use of cover songs according to law. Recommendations for possible future legislation are also included. A cover song Read More

5 Key Strategies To Grow Your Instagram Following

What are 5 key strategies to grow your Instagram following In this post titled “5 key strategies to grow your Instagram following,” we will describe actionable steps to succeed on Instagram. Five highly recommended strategies for growth on Instagram include: Follow account holders and their followers. Engage with people you Read More