This post is about my positive personal experiences with Distrokid Music Distribution Company

This post describes the author’s positive personal experiences with Distrokid Music Distribution Company.  This interaction began in January 2016.  During my search for a music distributor, I came across many great companies. However,  I finally chose Distrokid because of the low yearly fees and great reviews.


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positive experiences with Distrokid Music Distribution Company


Why I registered at Distrokid Distribution Company

I registered at Distrokid Distribution Company in order to distribute a solo titled, ’s Song by Moss.  Don’s Song is a instrumental that was written made by Lyndon Delano Moss nearly two decades ago as he taught his son to walk. I got this song because I had bought this subscription at Distrokid music distribution company. I had not done anything with it for about four months.

I asked my brother to give me some music for publication. He gave me this song that literally blew me away. I felt exhilarated and so happy. I felt as if I were skipping along.


The story behind ’s Song by Lyndon Delano Moss

I asked my brother to share the story behind Don’s Song:

Was he thinking words?
What was he thinking when he wrote this melody?

He responded that he had actually heard this song in his ear as he taught his son Don to walk with a 4/4 music beat. He said that he counted one two three four as he taught his son to walk.

I was blown away because I’ve never heard about anybody teaching a child to walk with a musical beat. I subsequently checked online and discovered that in recent years, scientists have published scientific research that shows that there is indeed a connection between musical rhythm or beats and movement.


My brother’s music was connected to a later scientific discovery called Rhythmic Auditory Stimulation

The science is called Rhythmic Auditory Stimulation. It shows that people walk better with good balance, their muscles are stronger when they walk to strong musical pulsations. , a neuroscientist and a musician herself, discovered through research focusing on brain waves, that there are movement centers in the brain that become activated when people hear music rhythms.

Dr. Grahn now uses this information to help people with movement disorders like Parkinson’s disease to walk. In Parkinson’s people freeze. Music pulsations or rhythm of beats help them to walk without freezing so

I was so excited about Don’s Song by Lyndon Delano Moss that I brought it up to Distrokid. The song is now on Amazon, Deezer, Google Play YouTube, Spotify, Shazam, and . It is widely distributed on many outlets.

Apologies for the faulty video quality.

Distrokid ease of usage

– Very easy to upload a song.
– Upload in mp3 or WAV format.
– Progress reports given on the website areas where the song is published.
– Email notifications are sent when the song is published on various platforms.
– Great for indie artists as they allow you to publish unlimited albums for one low, yearly price.
– Offers record label status if you want to publish many artists.
– Prices are reasonable – one low, yearly cost.
– Sharing of royalties can be done right on the platform.
– New distribution platforms are added at no extra cost – for example, TikTok was added in 2020.
– Very responsive support service.
– Distribution of cover music for a low, yearly license fee, the best in the industry.
– Lyric distribution to various platforms – can earn income on this.


My overall recommendation of Distrokid music distribution company


I highly recommend Distrokid as a reliable music distribution company for music copyright owners of all kinds.

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positive experiences with Distrokid Music Distribution Company

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