Best Warm-Up Exercises For Singers

What are warm up exercises for singers? Warm-up exercises for singers refer to vocal exercises that prepare the vocal cords for singing. The vocal cords (or folds) are two small muscles located within the larynx (voice box). They are responsible for voice production. The vocal cords are found at about Read More

Singing Lessons Online

What you will learn in our Singing Lessons Online? Structures involved in singing Vocal cord care Warmup exercises Breathing Resonance Anointed singing Diction Expressive singing

About Don-Austyn Moss

About Don-Austyn Moss Music Don-Austyn Moss Music features music videos from a young, outstanding singer.  Don-Austyn Moss began singing while attending High School and has grown as a singer since then. His outstanding and melodious voice thrills listeners wherever it is heard. Don-Austyn enjoys old classics because they speak to Read More