How to distribute your worldwide

Many composers become stuck after writing great pieces and struggle to get sales and fans for their great work. However, this book is written as a handbook to guide all music composers on the steps that they need to take in order to get their music to a worldwide audience.
Music publishing: How to get your music into 150+ stores worldwide - book by Mercedes Moss

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What is in the book

The book explains the following. How to:
– Master music electronically.
the music. Basics of law are explained in simple language, including ways in which the music can create deriatives in order to generate more income.
– Register with a Performing Rights Organization in order to facilitate royalty collection.
– Collect royalties on digital streams of the music.
– Distribute worldwide for a low yearly cost while keeping 100% of your royalties.
– Protect the music from unauthorized downloads.
The book is written in simple language and includes all of the links to the resources that you need. The resources are either free or low cost, a plus for music composers on a shoe string budget.

Why you should get this book

This book shows you how to independently publish your music without a third party. This allows you to keep all of your royalties without sharing.
This means more income in your pocket and greater rewards for your work.
You can actually work through this book and quickly get you music into international markets in quick time. All you need is a low, yearly distribution cost.
You might ask why pay to distribute when you can do so for free.
That is true. You might be tempted to take a free deal. However, you would be required to relinquish at least 30% or your royalties, thus losing income.

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