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Music producer definition

Music Producers are the creative and technical leader of a music recording project. He or she is responsible for:

  • studio time.
  • coaching artists.
  • creating the sound and structure of the sound (Wikipedia, 2022).

Music producers manage the entire process in which recording artists record, produce and release music (Betterteam, 2022), 

include record producer.

Music producers can be described as visionaries for the overall sound and feel of a record or album. Since they visualize the end result, musical directors must be able to listen, experiment, and explore all aspects of music (Career Explorer, 2022).

According to Career Explorer, (2022), Music producers can potentially fulfill a variety of roles which include:

Recording Engineer –
in charge of the technical aspects of recording and mixing tracks

Composer –
writes and directs original music.

Mentor –
provide guidance for artists in relations to decision making for their record.

Music Arranger –
collaborates and works for an to make the recorded version of the ’s song(s).

Music Manager –
responsible for managing the music recording – budgeting, hiring singers and musicians etc; directing staff to ensure the project is fulfilled and making sure all deadlines are met.

Musician –
play an instrument.

Remixer –
compiles a new version of a recording.

Recording Engineer –
provide technical guidance related to recording and mixing tracks.

music producer

  • Coach artists.
  • Employ session musicians.
  • Negotiate contracts for staff.
  • Oversee recording sessions.
  • Manage budgets for assigned projects.
  • Oversee songwriting, arrangement and recording.
  • Develop the vision and direction for each project.
  • Guide the mixing, mastering, and recording engineers.
  • Gather ideas and inspiration for music recording projects.
  • Rearrange compositions or recommend changes to lyrics.
  • Share the project’s goals and vision with all team members to promote cooperation.
  • Act as the liaison between the record label’s management and the musical artists.
  • Gather feedback from listeners and use it to create a strategy for future musical directions (Indeed, 2022; Betterteams, 2022).

Music producer job requirements

Music producers should:

  • possess a positive attitude. 
  • pay attention to detail.
  • do their work with professionalism.
  • possess knowledge of music industry law and ethics.
  • display sound understanding of sound editing techniques.
  • possess 3 or more years’ experience using digital audio hardware and software.
  • possess a Bachelor’s degree in science of music, or bachelor’s degree in music (based on employer requirements – Betterteams, 2022).

Note that many outstanding music producers may not have any degree, but are highly competent due to their experience and exposure to music production.

Music producer salary

According to Zip Recruiter (2022), the national US music producer salary on September 22nd, 2022 was:

  • $67,231 /year.
  • $32 /hour.

Table 1 shows that the US averages vary widely from lows of $33, 500 to highs of $104, 000.

Table 1 US Estimated Salary For Music Producers

Top Earners$104,000$8,666$2,000$50
75th Percentile$83,500$6,958$1,605$40
25th Percentile$36,500$3,041$701$18
Source: Zip Recruiter (2022).

Music producer salary by US cities

Table 2 reflects music producer average salaries in top paying US cities. It’s interesting to note that Tennessee and New York are not on the list.

Table 2 Music Producer Salaries In Top Paying Cities

CityAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
Atkinson, NE$83,376$6,948$1,603$40.08
San Francisco, CA$80,138$6,678$1,541$38.53
Bolinas, CA$79,637$6,636$1,531$38.29
Marysville, WA$77,605$6,467$1,492$37.31
Ramblewood, PA$76,690$6,390$1,474$36.87
Frankston, TX$76,546$6,378$1,472$36.80
Stone Ridge, NY$76,181$6,348$1,465$36.63
San Jose, CA$75,820$6,318$1,458$36.45
Belle, WV$75,078$6,256$1,443$36.10
Jackson, WY$74,621$6,218$1,435$35.88
Source: Zip Recruiter (2022).


Association of Music Producers.

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