Live sites for music

This article discusses live sites for music. The aim is to help music creators to discover potential opportunities available with live services. We will focus on free live sites.

What is streaming vs live streaming?

What is streaming

According to Verizon (2021), streaming is a modern technology that allows the transmission of audio and video files in a continuous flow over a wired or wireless internet connection.
Any kind of live or recorded media content can be streamed. This content is delivered to computers and mobile devices via the internet.
Examples of streamed content include music videos, webinars, movies, podcasts, television shows.

What is live streaming?

In live streaming, events are broadcast over the internet as they happen. Of interest to musicians would be live concerts, awards shows, and other musical activities Verizon (2021).

Why live video streaming for music

Live video streaming is a very effective way to promote music. The statistics on video should convince musicians to use live streaming as a means of growing a fan base on various platforms:
Twitch is the leading live streaming platform worldwide, with over 9.3 billion watch hours.
96% of people report having watched an Explainer video in order to learn about products and/or services.
Software and/or app purchase was initiated after 79% of persons watched product videos from a brand.
The live streaming market will be worth over $247 billion by 2027.
Videos on social media generate 1200% more shares than texts and images.
that use video generate 41% more traffic from searches.
40% of consumers state video increases the chance to purchase a product on their mobile device.
74% of millennials find video helpful when comparison shopping (Yanev, 2021).

Six reasons why live video streaming is important for music creators?

First, live video streaming allows fans and potential fans to engage with the music brand. They can do so in many ways simultaneously. For example, they can like, share, and comment on a live video as it is being streamed.
Secondly, when the stream is ended, the fan can return and look at it again, thus reliving the experience.
Thirdly, perhaps one of the most important things about live video streaming is that musicians can more readily access international audiences of music lovers. This ability is amazing since music has no language.
Fourthly, think of how you can reduce the costs of international travel by using live streaming. This is a feature that new and unknown bands can use in order to gain international exposure.
Fifthly, live streaming can be captured with simple devices like a cellular phone. You can live stream on any compatible device such as any kind of smartphone, television, tablet, laptop, or computer once there is a good internet connection.
Sixth, there are many platforms that provide live video streaming services for free. Many of the top offer live video broadcasts of all kinds of events from music events to concerts, church services and more.
In this era of greater internet involvement, savvy musicians should learn online marketing skills in order to promote their live video streaming events to the huge online metropolis.

for music

This section provides a brief overview of for music.

Free for music

This section answers the question, “how can I stream video online for free?” I believe that all readers know where to find a .
These two sites allow members to live stream for free: Additional details will be discussed in upcoming posts:
YouTube via YouTube Live.
Facebook via Facebook Live video streaming.

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