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for artists is a free tutorial that provides creators with the means to reach audiences on . Since hashtags are important tools for doing so, you will learn simple tips that provide you with the necessary skill sets.

allows users to add thirty hashtags to each post. The aim is to get views from a target audience that shares your interest. Another aim is to get that post seen at the top of the Explorer page for the hashtag.

Hashtags are highly recommended. Geyser (2021) says that Instagram “posts with at least one hashtag average 12.6% more engagement than those without.”

What is a hashtag?

According to Oxford Languages (2021), a hashtag is:

a word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#). It is used on social media websites and applications, especially Twitter, to identify digital content on a specific topic.

When a #hashtag is typed into the search bar on Instagram (also and Twitter), the search engine will retrieve posts in which that word or phrase is used.

Here is an example for the Instagram hashtag #indiemusician

Why are important?

​​Later (2021), explains the following about Instagram hashtags:

They are effective tools to show your post to the audience most interested in that search term.

Instagram hashtags are actually labels. When that label is clicked by a user, they are taken over to the Instagram Explore Page where posts with that same label appear.

Instagram hashtags can also be described as categories in which your content can appear. Instagram uses its algorithm to show your posts to relevant users.

Types of Instagram hashtags

Hootsuite (2021) identified nine types of Instagram hashtags:

Product or service hashtags

These hashtags describe your product or service. Music industry examples would include #musician.

Niche hashtags

These hashtags are very specific to your industry. Examples include:


Instagram community hashtags

These hashtags help you to find communities specific to your industry. State your niche and add “ofinstagram.”

Examples include:

and on and on…

Special event or seasonal hashtags

These can refer to real holidays or seasons. Examples include:


Location hashtags

Location hashtags could be helpful if they are relevant. For example:


Daily hashtags

You can spice up your posts with hashtags relevant to the day of the week:


Acronym hashtags

Well known acronym hashtags include:

– #TBT for Throwback Thursday.
– #FBF for flashback Friday.

Instagram hashtag generators is a free tool for generating Instagram hashtags.
Go to the search box and add your desired term.
Copy and paste the relevant hashtags into your post.

Display Purposes

Display Purposes is a free Instagram hashtag generator that comes highly recommended by Instagram experts.

To use the software, add a few hashtags related to your niche in the top search box on the home page. Our examples are:


Select AUTO in the COPY MODE BOX.

Results will be auto generated

How To Hashtag On Instagram

Scroll to the bottom of the page where the results are categorized by the search terms that you entered.

how to hashtag on instagram

Select MANUAL in the COPY BOX to autoselect all hashtags.

Click over the colored bar next to the hashtag to obtain relevance and popularity. I reccomend selecting 60% – 100% relevance as priority.

Unselect the hashtags that you do not want and the blue tick will disappear.

Copy and paste the results that you selected into your post.

Save results in a text file for future use.

Perform a new search if you need additional hashtags.

How To Hashtag On Instagram

Should I choose popular over relevant hashtags?

Relevant hashtags share your amazing music and other content with interested audiences. Targeted audiences build your brand.

Popular hashtags are widely used, sometimes billions of times. This can cause your content to be lost on the Instagram Explorer page.

More importantly, popular hashtags can place your content in front of audiences that are not interested.

However, some experts say that you can use at least one or two popular hashtags for wider coverage. You would need, however, to track the statistics to see how these hashtags perfor,oget wider coverage.

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