how to upload youTube video

Tutorial on how to upload a YouTube video

This tutorial on how to upload a YouTube video is very simple and easy to follow. Watch the video to learn more.

These are the steps to follow:

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. Go to the top-right corner.
  3. Click CREATE "" and then Upload videos .
  4. On your desktop, select the file you’d like to upload. You can upload up to 15 videos simultaneously.
  5. Click Edit pencil on each file to edit the video details.
  6. ​The video will be saved as a draft on the Content  page if you close the upload experience before completion.

How to customize the YouTube video

Add the following important details to customize your video. You can click REUSE DETAILS to copy select details from a previously uploaded video.

TitleThe title of your video.
DescriptionThe description is the Information that shows below the video.
Use the following format to attribute:
[Channel Name] [Video Title] [Video ID].

To make corrections in your video, add “Correction:” or “Corrections:” then add the timestamp and explanation of your correction.

This section should appear after any video chapters. When your audience watches your video, a View Corrections info card will appear.

For formatted text in your descriptions, use the following format:

*Sample* for bold text.

_Sample_ for italicized text.

-Sample- for strikethrough text.

Note: If the channel has any active strikes, or if the content may be inappropriate to some viewers, the corrections feature won’t be available.
ThumbnailThe image viewers will view before clicking your video.
PlaylistAdd your video to one of your existing playlists, or create a playlist.
AudienceYou’re required to state if your videos are made for kids in order to comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).
Age restrictionAge-restrict videos that may not be appropriate for certain audiences.

How to customize the show more section of the YouTube video

At the bottom of the Details page, select SHOW MORE to choose your advanced settings.

Paid promotionLet viewers and YouTube know if your video has a paid promotion.
Automatic chaptersYou can add video chapter titles and timestamps to your videos to make them easier to watch.

You can create your own video chapters or use the automatically generated chapters.

Check the ‘Allow automatic chapters (when available and eligible)’ checkbox to create automatically generated chapters.

Any video chapters entered will override auto generated video chapters.
PlacesPlaces mentioned in your video, such as resctaurants, may be displayed in your video description.

You can allow automatic places by checking the ‘Allow automatic places’ checkbox (when available and eligible).
TagsThese are keywords that searchers are using. They can help your video to be discovered.

Google trends is a good location keywords related to your video.

Typing the keyword into the YouTube search bar can help you to find relevant tags.
Language and caption certificationChoose the original video language and caption certification.

Recording date and locationEnter the date the video was recorded and the location where your video was filmed. This helps the algorithm and searchers who are looking for date and location sepecific videos.
License and distributionSelect if your video can be embedded on a different website. Indicate if you’d like to send notifications to your subscribers for your new video.
Shorts samplingAllow others to create Shorts using the audio of your video.
CategorySelect a category so viewers can find your video more easily. For Education, you can choose the following options:

Type: Select activity, concept overview, how-to, lecture, problem walkthrough, real life application, science experiment, tips, or other as your education type. 

Problems: Add the timestamp and the question that is answered in your video. 

Note: this option is only available for the problem walkthrough education type

.Academic system:  Select the country/region that your video aligns to. This allows you to further specify the level and exam, course, or academic standard. 

Note: This may be automatically selected based on your channel’s default country/region.

Level: Choose the level for your video, such as Grade 9 or advanced.

Exam, course, or standard: Search our database to add an academic standard, exam, or course that relates to your video. 
Comments and ratingsChoose whether viewers can leave comments on the video.

Choose whether viewers can find how many likes are on your video.
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