How Many Words Make 1000 Images?
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A Thousand Pictures Are Worth How Many Words?

Instagram focuses on pictures, images, graphics, and videos. You need great pictures to share on the platform. Mediocre pictures may still get shared. But, it’s an uphill battle.
It’s up to you whether you want to employ a professional photographer or do it yourself. Granted, a pro is going to be expensive. However, you don’t want to skimp on the quality or the experience. Too many people think they are
getting a deal by using inexperienced photographers, but you get what you pay for.
It’s your business and Instagram for business is only going to get more competitive. Most of your competition won’t be using pro photographers, so you can consider that a competitive edge should you go that route.

Tips for posting great photos on Instagram

If you do want to do everything yourself, make sure you set things up in a strategic manner. In other words, don’t post images whenever the muse strikes. You need to Have a plan of many images you need to post and do so in a way that makes sense to your brand.
If you are planning a new product or service release, get the images ready to be released before that release date.
The graphics don’t have to be the highest quality available. In fact, most people are going to view on their smart devices and many won’t have high-end equipment.
The web supports only a certain level of quality anyway. So, spending too much time on the highest possible quality
pictures is probably a waste of time. However, don’t skimp on quality. If your pictures are pixelated or they
don’t present well on an average smart device, people won’t take you seriously.
Once you lose these people, it’s difficult getting them back. One person gone means dozens of people they won’t share your content with. This is not a good situation for businesses to find themselves in.
Consider finding an average quality device to test out the images you plan on posting. You should be able to pick up a cheap device online. There are simulators that you can find online as well that can be sufficient for this purpose.
You may believe that everyone has the highest-quality phones but that simply is not the case. For this reason,
you want to appeal to the lowest common denominator of quality. Whichever means you decide to create your photos, they need to be compelling enough to be shared and then shared again.
Otherwise, you are going to put in serious effort and it won’t produce the benefits you had hoped to achieve.


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