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In this post titled Free Tools To In 2022, we will share two resources that will help you to get views on your videos or to any website or affiliate link.

To use them, visit the websites and enter the URLs that you want to promote.

Watch the video to learn more:

How do the video promotion tools work

  • Search E.ngine indexing
  • BackLink Generator,.
  • Search Engine Subm
  • ission and
  • Ping Service.

Search engine indexing passively assists in search engine indexing. A search engine index is a list of websites and URLs that were sent to the search engine.

Being found in search engines is important for getting traffic or visits to a website. The adage in the industry is, no traffic = no sales.

Search engine indexing is the process by which a search engine collects, parses and stores data. This data is collected by robots or crawlers called search engine spiders.

The search engine robots or spiders visit websites and send the content found to the search engine index. This “Index” is the place where all the collected data is stored.

It provides the results for queries entered by searchers online. Web pages that are stored within the index can then appear on the search results page when a query is made.

Without the index a search engine would be required to conduct a tremendous effort each time a search query is initiated. To ensure that it is not missing something, the search engine would have to search every web page and piece of information it has access to. The index is therefore the central element to keep web search feasible.

About Google’s search engine index

Search engine indexes grow as more and more users add content to the internet. Google’s index was estimated to be about 100 million gigabytes in mid-2015.

The index consists of 2 major components which determine the way the search engine crawler’s input is written to the index:

  • “Design” or data storage.
  • “Structure” – how the data is accessed and processed.

A user entering a search query orders the index to output a given amount of matched entries towards the next higher layer where “Ranking” takes place. Ranking is the process of sorting the results in order to display the most relevant on top.

Six categories that Google uses to rank websites

Google ranks websites based on the following six major categories:

Site Qualitye.g. PageRank, Bounce Rate, Unique visitors
FreshnessEspecially important on events happening right now
Safe SearchRemoves adult, spam and harmful websites
User ContextTakes into account a users search history and location
TranslationTailors results according to a users language
Universal SearchDecides on coresponding news, images, videos or maps

Google also conducts “Precision Search,” which is a manual evaluation of search results. The company processes about 40.000 websites each year.

After ranking is complete, the search results are hown to the user.

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