What is

is a technique in which a long Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is reduced in size. However, the URL still directs to the required page (Wikipedia, 2020).
The following is an example of :
“https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/URL_shortening” can be shortened to “https://w.wiki/U”.

Wh are FOUR benefits of URL shortening?

URLs are shortened for several reasons:
– Shorter URLs are more attractive to visitors as people tend to be “turned off” by long, ugly-looking links.
– Readers spend less time typing out the URL if they need to use it, for example, from a print source.
– It is easier for individuals to remember a short URL rather than a long, ungainly one.
– Short URLs reduce error when they are being typed out, if a copy and paste feature is not available.
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URLs are shortened by using Link Shorteners. These are websites or applications that convert long links into short ones. They also redirect the link to the desired destination. , that redirect to the long link (Woodward, 2020).

How to monetize music links with a URL shortening service

Persons who own links can monetize them passively by shortening them. The system works like this:
– Register as an affiliate with a URL shortening service that pays.
– Shorten the music link or any link using a URL shortening service that pays.
– Direct
website visitors or traffic to the page on which the link is placed.
– The visitor clicks on the shortened link.
– The URL Shortening service displays a page so that the visitor sees it before getting to the shortened version of your link.
– Link owner gets paid, usually per 1000 views of the ad.
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