About Don’s Song By Lyndon Delano Moss

Don’s Song By Moss is a that was composed by Moss in 2002.
He wrote it at the time that his Don- Austyn Moss was learning to walk.
A guitar player since his early teens, Lyndon intuitively believed that Don-Austyn could learn to walk to musical beats.
learned to walk to the sound of his father counting a four beat,
Lyndon later said that he heard the melody of Don’s Song as he counted that beat.

The exhilaration of in the mood of Don’s Song By Moss

Don’s Song by Lyndon Felano Moss is a very exhilarating and lighthearted melody. It conveys a feeling of joyfulness.
It is a song to lift the spirits and to change the mood from somber to happy.


The science behind Don’s Moss

Curious about her brother’s experience in teaching his to walk to musical beats, searched online for data.
Scientists later discovered that movement areas in the brain are activated by strong, musical rhythms.
Dubbed Rhythmic Auditory Stimulation, scientists and health care professionals use the technique to successfully help people with movement disorders to walk.


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