40 Keywords And Phrases That Sell Music

40 Keywords And Phrases That Sell Music Keywords and phrases that sell music is a blog post that provides over keywords and phases that can help to increase visits to websites and sales. Here are over forty keywords and phrases to get you started: Music Jazz music Old music Pop Read More

How To Sell Music Online

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How To Monetize YouTube Videos With Amazon

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How To Make Money On YouTube 2021

Do you want to make money on YouTube in 2021 This post discusses how music creators can make money on YouTube in 2021 without creating videos. Apart from the Artist Channel, songwriters, singers and musicians can develop additional YouTube channels designed for monetization. These videos are obtained under the Creative Read More

How Are Song Royalties Split?

Let’s explote how song royalties are split Today’s post provides basic answers to the question, “how are song royalties split?” We will briefly explain the current understanding of splits for the following types of music: Musical composition As a reminder, a musical composition consists of music and any accompanying words. Read More

How Do Split Sheets Work In Sound Recordings?

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Split Sheet Meaning In Music

What is a split sheet or publishing split? A split sheet is an important legal document for songwriters (of either lyrics and music composition). Split sheets identify the songwriters and percentage of the song that was written by each person. A split sheet should be created for each song. Other Read More

Earn Cash With FREE URL Shortening Services And Music Links

What is URL shortening URL shortening is a technique in which a long Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is reduced in size. However, the URL still directs to the required page (Wikipedia, 2020). The following is an example of URL shortening: “https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/URL_shortening” can be shortened to “https://w.wiki/U”. Wh are FOUR benefits Read More

Making Money With Creative Commons Videos

Creative commons defined This article explains how music creators can use creative commons videos to make additional side – income. This is the first of three. Creative Commons is an American organization founded by Lawrence Lessiq, Eric Eldred and Hal Abelson in 2001. They were assisted by the Center for Read More

40 Keywords That Sell Music

40 Keywords  That Sell Music Keywords that sell music is a blog post that provides information on keywords that will incentivize buyers. Here are over forty keywords to help you sell your music: Music Jazz music Old music Pop music Music mp3 Music piano Music videos Sheet music Music download Read More