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This post discusses Best Reasons Why Creators Need . Our review is glowing since this website enjoys free, organic (unpaid traffic via the Google search engine) as a result of We’d like to take this opportunity to thank
First, let’s define Google My Business.
Google My Business is a free, yet invaluable online marketing resource created by Google for business owners. Here are the key benefits of registering your business there:

manage the businesses’ online presence across Google.
Inclusion in Google Search.
Inclusion in Google Maps, which is important for being found in local search.
Provision of a free website that is indexed and that shows up in the Google search engine.
Website is linked to your official website, thus directing customers to your services.
Inclusion of product images on your .
Promote updates, offers, products, and events on the businesses’ Google My Busines Website. These are indexed and included in Gppg;e Search.
Product links are provided which allows clients to go directly to any offer you place on your .
Potential clients can easily contact you via prominently placed contact information.
Email notifications are sent about the businesses’ analytics.
Easy integration with Google Maps (I recommend starting here).
Easy integration with Google Ads in the event you need to promote one or more products.
Gain free, organic website traffic compliments Google without paying a dime
The business is prominently highlighted on the sidebar of the search engine, another plus for visibility (Google, 2020).

Note that you can automate updates of your Google My Business Website. More on that later. There are WordPress plugins that assist in the process.

Three steps to starting with Google My Business

There are THREE steps:
1. Register.
2. Verify your business by mail (my letters seem to get lost in the mail).
3. Optimize your business presence online.
This third step is very critical since it provides information about the business when it shows up in search.

How to register with Google My Business

There are two ways to register:

Go to this link and follow the steps

The second method is via your account since this allows you to integrate with Google My Business

– Login to YouTube.
– Type this URL into the web browser
– You will come to the page below. Go to:
* data personalization
* scroll down to Business Features.
* Click on the arrow at the end of the line, that is, at the end of the line which reads
Best Reasons Why Music Creators Need Google My Business

The next page is Business Features

This page will take you over to a GOOGLE MY BUSINESS registration page OR to a page containing a suite of services provided by Google.
You can register with one or more in order to grow your brand and to enhance your presence in the search engines.
Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on ADD YOUR BUSINESS to see the resources that are available. They are mostly free and provide amazing value to any online business.
Best Reasons Why Music Creators Need Google My Business

Google My Business Registration

Google My Business Registration Tutorial – Hootsuite


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